Social Media in the Future

An image of the evolution of man in comparision to social media.
(Social Media Today, 2013).

Right now social media is blurring the lines between our private and public lives, shrinking geographical barriers while involving different isolated groups, and changing the way information is communicated to its audience. Social media allows us to curtail the information we want, find exactly the content we need, and receive information almost instantly before any other traditional media has a chance to share it. Continue reading “Social Media in the Future”


Social Media and You

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere sign on white background.
(Project eve, 2013).

Your clients are now using social media as a primary communication tool. Whether it is a collaborative project platform, blogs, content communities, social networking sites, virtual game worlds or virtual social words (Haenlein & Kaplan, 2010), there now exists a plethora of social media platforms. But how do you engage your audience in a space where there is so much competition? How do you also avoid disaster at the same time?

Social media, and its usage, has become a catch 22 for many companies. As they navigate how to use the technology, select their platform and design campaigns to attract and build a customer base.

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The Convergence of Ubiquitous Computers and the Cloud

An image of cloud computing representing a connection to other devices.I think it is safe to say that a lot of our data has moved online. As envisioned by Mark Weiser computers, more importantly the Internet, have all but faded into the background of our existence making them a ubiquitous technology. Weiser suggested that because we are so fixated on screens that it was impossible in 1991 for the technology to fade into the background but now screens are everywhere: billboards are now huge digital “boards” and subways have digital screens playing the latest news or advertisements, our fridges have screens as do thermostats, ovens and alarm systems. However, 20 years later I believe his predictions have come true. The computer has been assimilated into society to the point where the boundaries between our data consumption via screens is hardly discernible. But what is interesting to note is how the power of the ubiquitous computer has moved much of our other ubiquitous technologies online. Things like writing and entertainment are now performed and stored online in a space known as the “Cloud.” Continue reading “The Convergence of Ubiquitous Computers and the Cloud”