How to Navigate Social Media Crises

A image saying "To Err is Human. To mess up. You need a computer."
(SodaHead, 2011).

Social media crises are not so much about the ‘if’ but about the ‘when.’ The increased adoption of social media usage in companies has likewise increased the risks a company’s reputation faces because, despite your best efforts, there are still humans behind every single social media account and, as is said, to err is human. Continue reading “How to Navigate Social Media Crises”


Failure to Think – “Tasteless” Tweeting from Epicurious

Social media campaigns can so easily go wrong. Whether it’s the social media team not properly analyzing the audience, no one checking the wording of the content or using the wrong platform entirely; there are so many ways to ruin your company’s credibility and reputation (your greatest asset).

I think the “best” of the worst social media campaigns I found in my research is the Conde Nast owned food website, Epicurious, whose totally inappropriate tweets in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013, makes me question who exactly was in charge of their social media campaign.

Picture of scandolous tweets
Inappropriate tweets following the Boston Marathon Bombing (Mr. Media Training, 2013).

Initially they took the right approach tweeting out a simple, “Our thoughts are with everyone in Boston.” However, within twenty-four hours Epicurious posted some rather tactless promotional tweets (pictured above) (Red Banyan Group, 2013). I, personally, cannot think of more phenomenally bad or insensitive things to tweet at your 385,000 followers audience following the heart wrenching attack that occurred to hundreds of innocent bystanders. Therefore, it was no surprise when their Twitter audience immediately expressed outrage.

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